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Hi. I’m Walt Jaschek. I’m a work in progress. (Who isn’t?) I’m also a comedy writer in the entertainment business working on original scripts and stories featuring my original characters. These, too, are a work in progress.

Look, I recognize I have some undiagnosed “creative ADHD.” I’m usually pin-balling between 4-5 projects I’m writing at once. It’s how I’ve always done it. Each of the products move forward, albeit slowly. But forward!

To lean into this process, keep myself focused, and maintain this forward momentum, I’ve created WALT IN PROGRESS. It’s here on the Substack publishing platform, which allows for free subscriptions (and eventually paid when the going gets good.)

So here’s what you will get by subscribing for free now. Every Friday, I will post 600-1000 words of new content in one of these four ongoing series:

WALT A LIFE | A new chapter of a writer’s memoir in progress. This is personal stuff, learning, anecdotes, reveals.

McKAY: RETIRED DETECTIVE ™ | New pages from a TV pilot in progress. Hope to shoot this as a short film around the St. Louis area in 2022.

COPYWRITERS IN LOVE ™ | A new chapter of a romantic comedy novella in progress. “Write what you know,” they say. I was a copywriter for years. And in love the whole time. ;-)

MISTER STICKY ™ | New pages from my new superhero comic book series in progress. Trying to emulate my love of Marvel Bronze Age comics using my own cast of good guys and bad.

Bonus: random episodes of my pilot, THE WALT NOW SHOW.

At some point, WALT IN PROGRESS content will only be available to paid subscribers. But throughout the end of this year, it’s free, so poke around, read what you like, comment, like, subscribe free.

And good news: subscribers will only get one email from me a month: a lively summary of that month’s progress, with links to new work in the various series. And maybe some good sunset photos.

Meanwhile, you know me. Off to write… something else! ;-)

Thanks, and…