Chris McKay: Freelance Detective | Introduction

Novella in progess. Mystery and humor unfold in St. Louis as native son Chris McKay faces a case that makes him question his own sanity. Again.


The beautiful model with the long, red hair was almost completely naked when she danced her way down Art Hill that warm, October day.

She had a kite string in each hand, rainbow kites soaring above and behind her. Stunning girl, long, red hair her only cover. Lady Godiva cosplay, I think it was.

And Art Hill, that expansive slope of grass that descends from the St. Louis Art Museum down to the Tidal Basin was pretty showy that day, too. Peak red and yellow foliage served as a retina-searing backdrop.

Her friends helped her film it, and she put the whole thing on Instagram. Didn’t blur anything out. Instagram flagged it, took it down.

Her followers are rising, though.

It’s the first whiff I had of what they’re calling The Uninhibiting. This growing mass psychosis that’s happening in my hometown, St. Louis. The mysterious mass ailment caused by exposure to the U-Gas. Makes you do crazy stuff.

And, brother, there’s lots o’ crazy stuff going down in the STL these days.

Blatant robberies with giant props. Guys dressed as Batman villains.

Cars using 1-64 as a Hot Wheels track, some of them rolling off into the carpet.

Petty theft, white collar crime, corruption, people not using turn signals, all up, up, up.

And it’s not as fun as it sounds.

At first I thought it was all a kind of mass, post-pandemic PTSD.

But then I found out about the gas. The U-Gas.

Let me tell you about it. And how it fits what I’m calling “The Comic Book Caper.”

My name is Christopher McCay, and, yeah, I live in St. Louis.

I’m a detective.


To be continued