Copywriters In Love | Introduction

A small bit of... copy... about our main characters, Clark Barre and Nadia Snehu.


Deep into their undercover dating period, Clark Barre and Nadia Snehu agreed on almost nothing, not least the Oxford Comma.

“It’s out-dated,” Clark would say, unzipping her dress.

“It’s needed to prevent confusion,” Enrita would say, removing his shirt.

“It causes confusion,” he would say, kissing her neck. “And speaking of causing confusion…”


“You are driving me to distraction.”

“Lame transition,” she would say, unzipping his pants. “A non-non sequiter.”

Yeah, they were el feugo there for a while.

And they had only known each other three weeks.

Such is the journey of competition, followed by comraderie, followed by combustion.

Between copywriters in love.

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