Mister Sticky™: Series Introduction

Into the Stickyverse with "The Master of Invisible Glue"

In real life, indecisive 20something Tanner Talbert can’t “stick” to anything. But as Mister Sticky, Master of Invisible Glue, this guy can stick to anything!

Mister Sticky™ Concept and Characters

Concept: A new young, superhero in a rousing, fun, family-friendly series that’s also a loving tribute to Marvel Comics of the Bronze Age. (“When comics were fun to read.”)

Colorful villains and fights amid the skyscrapers, but also quieter scenes dense with interpersonal conflicts, self-doubt and flirting. (“Go get ‘em, Tiger – er, Sticky!”)

Setting: St. Louis, 1999. A thriving Midwestern city (with an Arch for stick to) in a year well before All This Madness: there are still busy crowds, commerce, crime. The internet is young. People still read newspapers. And the big worry is the impending “Y2K” virus!

Tone: Funny but involving. We want readers to say, “I have to have issue #2!” Lots of humor and banter. Though we go right to the edge of full parody, we don’t cross it. You don’t have to know those Romita Spidey books to enjoy, but it helps.

Creative possibility: Explore an entire “Sticky-verse” of flawed heroes and wonky villains that resonate back to Marvel. “Hogg” could be our “Hulk,” for example: a blunt, powerful pawn sought by teams good and bad.

Overall story themes:  Believe science. (Sticky’s alter-ego is a young chemist.)­

Believe in yourself. (Our young hero has some growing to do.) Most of all: “Stick” (commit) to something. And someone. In other words: Be more sticky!


His alter-ego: Tanner Talbert, age 25, a big kid of a guy who considers his otherwise serious job as a chemist at a Monsanto-like chem giant as a way to play and tinker in a lab somebody else pays for. (It’s where on weekends he developed his “sentient glue.”) But he’s ready to walk out the door any minute for another job; he’s juggling three or more potential girlfriends (see below), and he seems to deliberately avoid any and all commitments. In other words, he can’t “stick” to anything!

In time, Tanner will learn he is just one of a group of new heroes being secretly monitored – and eventually recruited – by the mysterious team known as The Hero Nots.™

Sticky’s constant nemesis: Rhoda B. Blabbit, the acerbic, science-disputing muckraker on TV’s Flux News. She believes Mr. Sticky’s “sentient glue” must be a trick, calling him a fraud and dangerous side-show to law enforcement.

Tanner’s constant nemesis: Bad boss Mateo Martinez, bureaucratic manager of Robert’s lab. Their employer, Bigly Chemical, claims to be about “innovation,” but Martinez’ reflex for the status quo makes sure no actual progress happens. This spurs Tanner to keep his “sentient glue” invention to himself.

Girlfriend Possibility 1:  An equally gorgeous, anti-big-chemical environmental activist, fiery, red-haired Lucy O’Shea is Tanner’s friend from college. She constantly tries to get him to quit and put his knowledge of chemistry to better use. (If only she knew!)

Girlfriend Possibility 2:  Bad Ashlee. The bad girl option. A leather-wearing, rob-the-rich diamond thief who crosses Sticky’s path amid skyscraper penthouses. Are those sparks flying from flirtation… or her “energy-whip?”

Best friend:  CD-Ron, a nerd in the burgeoning world of “desktop computers,” and an amateur welder who helps Tanner with his wackier hardware requests. Builds furniture out of AOL disks.

Rogue’s Gallery:

Feral Hogg. Half-human. Half-mammal. All Hogg. The mutant who can eat through steel is always hungry. Always. Hungry.

The Answer™. A Mr. A-type character, who appears from the mists to cause confusion and make needless judgments about everything.. “Who are you?,” his victims ask. “Good question,” he says, nonchalantly. “But you already know… The Answer.”  [POW!]

Bad Ashlee [[see above]]

Kiss My A Man. A Captain America-type gone wrong, doling out punishment by making bad guys “kiss” the giant A on his triangular shield.

There they are. Ready to go. So let’s do go.

Into the Stickyverse.

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